The Highlands is a sought after property that sits along the highest elevation of Tagaytay with the distinction of having gorgeous 360-degree views, a relaxing cool climate and proximity to the club amenities.

As each week draws to an end, the air buzzes with anticipation. Each moment is spent imagining the chill in the air, the scent of pine mingling with cedar, the sound of your golf driver as it slices through the air and the sweetness of hot chocolate warming your insides.

Just what is it about Tagaytay Highlands that makes your weekends special? More than the exclusivity, more than the luxury, more than the finer things in life, it’s the great destination you can call your own.

Land Area:          Approx. 360 hectares
Elevation:            Aprox. 2,000 – 2,500 feet above sea level

The Midlands is a bird sanctuary with themed enclaves inspired by architecture and culture from different countries, thus, creating a picture of a truly international community.

Land Area:          Approx. 670 hectares
Elevation:            Approx. 1,000 – 1,500 feet above sea level

The Greenlands helps you rediscover a less complicated lifestyle, where communities are tightly knit to encourage camaraderie, homes are airy and welcoming, and life is approached holistically.

Land Area:          Approx. 260 hectares
Elevation:            Approx. 400 – 920 feet above sea level



The climate is tropical in Tagaytay. The is a great deal of rainfall in Tagaytay, even in the driest month. This location is classified as Af by Köppen and Geiger. The average annual temperature in Tagaytay is 27.1 °C. Precipitation here averages 2941 mm.

The driest month is April. There is 121 mm of precipitation in April. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in December, with an average of 503 mm.

With an average of 28.2 °C, May is the warmest month. The lowest average temperatures in the year occur in January, when it is around 25.6 °C.

The precipitation varies 382 mm between the driest month and the wettest month. The variation in temperatures throughout the year is 2.6 °C.